• @chrispederick I live in a townhouse community with a shared backyard. The HOA spends thousands of dollars each year on lawn care. I would prefer a wildflower meadow in the backyard.

  • @Gabz for me it's less about storing beer information and more about the social aspect of beer drinking. I want to know what my friends are drinking (especially the ones who don't blog), get recommendations on new beer to try and new breweries to vist when I travel. As a paid member of Untappd I get analytics which helps me discover when/what I drink and spot changes in my tastes and habits.

  • @SteveSawczyn it's still a challenge for me. I do want my Untappd checks-in to flow here but when I drink a set of session ales I often forget to disable the feed in Micro.blog. I created separate feeds for cross-posting from WordPress but ideally I would prefer to toggle posting to Micro.blog from WordPress at the time of post.

  • @chrispederick I llove the look of the backyard. No grass.

  • @chrispederick why does that juvenile seem larger than the parent? Is that camera distortion?

  • @keinan thank you for that!

  • @keinan oh dogwood! I didn't think of that. I thought maybe it was Japanese hydrangea.

  • @pratik same here.

  • @Gabz love that one.

  • You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be. It’s their mistake, not my failing”. ~ Richard P. Feynman 💬

  • @keinan now that you've mentioned the donuts I realised how much our family rituals have been disrupted. My kids are older now but we think Terhune Orchards cider donuts are the best.

  • @keinan, do you know the name of the vine like plant that grows up the side of East Pyne Hall?

  • @keinan I see you went further afield.

  • @brentsimmons I don't have a CS degree either. I'm an engineer who could code. I hated these tests.

  • You did a good job @Gabz. I wish I could cut my own hair (NJ is not open for business). I just don't know how to do a Curly Shadow Fade.

  • @ronguest or a jail cell.

  • @Gabz nice bit of kit.

  • @brucegodin I can attend without travelling and perhaps drink a pint (or two) while attending. No driving home problem either. I think this is a win.

  • @philly I have a friend who views this as "control of my inbox". He hosts his own email server which he has configured to "quarantine" all email not on a domain or address specific white list. His rule is default "all email is unwanted". Does HEY provide that ability?

  • @philly that makes sense if this is about privacy and advertiser generated spam in free email accounts which are provided on the basis of the user agreeing to have their email data-mined. Is the solution then to use technology to circumvent the agreed upon contract with the free email provider and additionally a way to reduce advertiser tracking?

  • @JohnPhilpin so what's the problem statement?

    My non-geek friends and family have never complained to me about email, but most IT people do. I have one strategy for email. Read, respond, delete. My non-geek wife does the same. I don't want to be dismissive but whatever needs fixing is the fix something most want or just geeks?

  • @colinwalker that assume the ability to read a mobile screen. I don't many Gen-Xers who read a lot of email on a mobile device. We hate breaking out those reading glasses.

  • @colinwalker what does it mean to “fix email”. I've heard that phrase for years.

  • @mangochutney brought to my attention by a link on The Online Photograph: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPazywXrqJo&feature=emb_title

  • @mangochutney I’m having problems getting to before 2AM. And then the alarm rings at 6AM. I’ve got to get ready to start the work day at 8 AM (UK based company). Falling asleep for about 30 minutes around 3PM from mental exhaustion. Then back to not being able to sleep. Rinse. Repeat.

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