Interesing article in MakeZine about securing a RaspberryPi.

In iOS 11, getting at data with forensics tools may become more difficult. @danielbrinneman

No matter what you try to do to it, a city park behaves like a problem in organized complexity, and that is what it iis.…

Kill animals, damage property, protect humans.~Mac Observer

Not only do you not have to choose a side, but you shouldn’t choose one. ~ Daniel Miessler

The iPad is not a telephone:…

Roasting marshmallows with family. Life is good.

Running Harvard is expensive.

Some men are dicks.

I love this weather. Not too warm. Not too cool. Partially cloudy skies.

Kicking of two days of pre-ROC PCI DSS asessments. I’m sure this will be a lot of fun for IT.

It’s so hard to stay motivated to write. « I’m struggling as well.

What is a text manipulation tool?

Looking forward to the weekend and the Belgian #F1 GP at Spa-Francochamps.

… the biggest culprit in leaving us stuck in our present debates is bothsidesism.@revdrewdowns

you’ve got to be so good they can’t ignore you. ~ How to Get “Known” – Part One

the ways people in the broader culture these days mostly share digital pictures tends to strongly emphasize a superficial level of appeal ~ The Mysterious “Legs” Phenomenon